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Repairs all the luxury bags, please bring your bag to one of our shops so we can give the correct quote

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Zip Replacement
We can replace small zippers for a wallet or for side pockets. We’ll source the closest match in size, colour, material, and zip teeth. To do this, we must carefully remove the old zipper and restitch in a new one (often by hand) to line up everything perfectly. Additional sourcing costs may apply.
Leather Restoration
From holes and scratches to colour fade and denim transfer, leather surface and colour restoration is the crown jewel of our toolbox.We take a less is more approach, preferring to let a few flaws show through rather than compromise the touch and feel of our favorite and most respected material.
Special Cleaning Services
We clean your bags’ interior and exterior using a range of methods for different situations. While we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove all stains, we pride ourselves on developing the most comprehensive range of solutions available a perfect refresh.
Exotic Special Clean
We clean your bags’ interior and exterior using specialist techniques for exotic skins. While we can’t guarantee that we can remove all stains, you can rest comfortably that your exotics are in the most capable and passionate hands.
Pest, Mould and Biological Fluid Removal
Sometimes the situation is just not pretty and requires and specific techniques to salvage. Fortunately, we have the equipment, experience, and procedures in place to apply to your shoes, bags, and clothing. Please let us know if you are sending us such a situation in advance as health and safety measures may be required.
Remark Tabs or Loops For Handles or Buckles
£180 / £210
Little loops of leather and other material hold important components together such as straps, buckles, laces. When they break in an unrepairable way, we simply make you a new one. We’ll match everything as close as possible to the original or, if it must be perfect, sometimes we can even source the original material direct.– Starting at.
The often acrylic-based paint, but sometimes wax, painted along the edges of cut leather dries and cracks over time. We sand the old stuff down, using the tiniest sander you have ever seen, hand mixes a new colour, and reapply the paint. It’s like a fresh manicure for your bag! – Starting at.
£105 - £145
Linings, tabs, straps, gussets, and zips – stitching is everywhere! When it breaks or gets loose, fear not. From the super simple to the complex, our team will not only measure and pin but choose an exact shade of thread to make sure it looks as if we were never there.–Starting at.
Remark Top Edging
The binding on a bag is the narrow strip of leather or fabric folded over an edge to provide a finished, decorative effect. Think of the opening of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull… but really it can be found on many bags, trainers, and shoes. When it tears or wears down, we can replace it in whole or in part with as close as possible a match to the original. Material sourcing may be charged separately– Starting at.

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