Handbags & Wallets Repair

Collection of wallets and pouch repair services available @ Great Portland Street Station

We also sell wallets and pouches in our stores

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Heel Tips
heel tips are common wear on ladies shoes we are able to replace it while you are waitting
Heel Replacement
Heels usually the cap of the heel goes and can be replaced with new one rubber or leather in your choice.
Heel Recover
Recover the heel time consuming process we make sure will be like the original.
Production wallets and pouch services
Sole Guards
Stick on sole top of the current sole to protect it.
Sole Replacement
£65 flats / £90 boots
We can change half sole or full sole prices deffer which services you would like to take.
Sandal Strap Repair
We can change all straps type with leather and fabrics
Minor Repairs
£15 - £20
Some time sole opens up and minor repair depending of the work.
Custom Repair
We can repair or make your loved shoes bring to life or we can make you exact some shoes.

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